Truly Amazing Examples of Theatre Shows & Fashion Stage Design

February 13, 2016

Stage design these days is truly stunning with mind blowing sets being created by top company’s such as Souvenir Scenic Studios in London. The detail and realism created is at an all-time high with even the most magical of setting being created in such a way that it is almost believable that they can exist. Many places are moulded with real life like settings and with the additional props create wonderful environments for the stage that can draw you into the fantasy world created. Let’s looks at three fantastic examples from Souvenir Scenic Studios a prestigious London based design house so you can see this in action. You can connect to Souvenir Scenic Studios on their LinkedIn page and see all about the company also.

Wendy and Peter Pan


This is an amazing set designed by Colin Richmond in 2013 and played out at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon to frame the fantasy land of Neverland for the story of Peter Pan. The sheer detail in the on stage pieces us fantastic to use the Pirate ship in the photo as an example it is built to billow smoke from the hull and be a frightening ship with a crafted skull up front to complete this stunning prop.

Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty


These classical sets are designed by Lez Brotherston and look truly wonderful filling great depth into the stage and giving you a big landscape and world to look to look into. The actor cover the stage and you feel that the worlds are large and real with houses in the distance and stunning skys. Very artistic though you would expect nothing more from the top London studio.

Alexander McQueen

paris-fashion-week (1)

The concept behind in the stage design for this occasion for Alexander McQueen’s Paris Fashion Week show in 2013 got tons of praise and for good reasons also. The catwalk was covered by a rugged mossy landscape drawing you into the sway of wilderness and nature. This stage show it was really a sight to behold. It gave audiences the best impression of the paring of animals and their natural habitat. Scenic Studios have received tons of acclaim in the last few years for some of their work and this is great example of how the can set the scene for a show.

Stage design is an immensely wonderful art with many people involved in creating the wonderful setting that you see. Check out the Souvenir Scenic Studios website for many more examples of out of this world creations.


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