Out of This World Examples of Theatre Scenery

January 19, 2016

How many times have you watched a movie and thought of booking a holiday to such an exquisite location only to find out that it only exists in the said movies? Well you just got served the harsh reality of unbelievable scenery that are often part and parcel of the movie and arts world. We are going to have a look at some of them.

The Lord of the Rings Scenery


Any ardent fan of the book and subsequently the movies will most definitely know that the scenery displayed in the movies mirror J.R Tolkien’s descriptions in the book. The entire town was pretty much non-existent before the start of the movie production but after immense hard work from the LOTR crew, the beautiful shire was born. Apart from the Shire, Jackson and his crew also did a lot of work to make you believe that Frodo and other Hobbits were indeed 3 feet tall. Not many people noticed this point with many assuming that they “hobbits” looked so because of their age!

Paris Fashion Week: Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2014


The concept deployed in the stage design for this event got lots of praise and for good reasons too. The catwalk was covered by a rugged mossy landscape making it virtually impossible to ignore the influence of nature and wilderness. Designed by Souvenir Scenic Studios (here you can connect to Souvenir Scenic Studios) it was truly a sight to behold. It gave viewers the perfect impression of beauty and the beast. Scenic Studios have received lots of acclaim for some of their work in the past few years.

Souvenir Scenic Studios – Razor Chandelier


Apart from wonderful theatrical scenery creations, they have also developed impressive art work like the Perseus Head and Foot and perhaps one their most astonishing creations, the Razor Chandelier from the 2013 Met Ball designed with 2500 razor blades!

The Dau Movie Set

This set is located outside of Kharkov, Ukraine’s largest city. It is a movie set that is home to over 200,000 cast and crew members. All of the population pretends to live in the Stalin era by living, dressing and generally showing lifestyles that are reminiscent of that era. A few people have left the project but it is still a big one for movie makers in Europe.

So, if you are not a fan of Computer Generated Effects that always look like scenes lifted off a PS3 game, you will definitely find the work of the studios responsible for these creations very appealing.

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