Key Things To Know About Getting A Digital Mailbox

October 20, 2016

What Is A Digital Mailbox?

A digital mailbox allows you to access your postal mail from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. More people are opting to use digital mailboxes because they offer a number of benefits. If you have a digital mailbox, then you will be able to access your postal mail anytime that you like. You will also be able to save time by not having to go to the post office every day.

How To Set Up Your Digital Mailbox

You can set up your digital mailbox in just a few easy steps. You will need to choose a plan that best fits your needs. Once you pick a plan, you will be able to get your own iPostal1 virtual address. This address will resemble a real street address.

After that, you will need to sign up to receive alerts. You will be notified as soon as new mail arrives. You can manage your mail by logging into your digital mailbox. Not only can you manage your packages or mail, but you also have the option of listening to voicemails.

How The Digital Mailbox Works

Your mail will be scanned after it arrives at the postal facility. The front of the envelope or package are the only things that will be scanned. You can open the mail or package once it has been scanned. There are several ways that you can manage the mail. Not only can you read it, but you can also forward it. You can download a PDF version of the scanned document. Furthermore, you can shred and recycle your mail if it is something that you do not need.

Can You Have More Than One Digital Mailbox?

You can have as many digital mailboxes as you like. However, you will need to have a separate email address for every digital mailbox that you have.

Secure Service

You may be concerned about using a digital mailbox. However, this is a very secure service. Before you can accept mail or packages, you will have to send two forms of identification to the company. You will also have to submit a form 1583. All of these things are done to ensure that you are the only one who is able to access your digital mailbox.

Multiple people will be able to share one digital mailbox. However, everyone’s name will have to be included on the form 1583.

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